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We’re a social innovation studio accelerating ideas that advance human potential.

Because ambitious leading edge ideas radically transform the world.



Designing future ready education systems centered around learners.

Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

Accelerating under-invested communities, founders, and ideas.



Supporting a new generation of forward-thinking elected and public leaders.

Ambitious ideas inspire us. We want you to help us think bigger, bolder. Help us bring frontier concepts into reality.

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Transforming education into a future ready experience

Today’s students will inherit a vastly different world than the ones schools were designed for.  The reality of a globalized world requires providing students with a whole new set of skills and thought processes to succeed in an information/ innovation driven society.

What if educators, schools, public policy and stakeholders aligned to orient education practices around holistic, deep, continuous learner development. What if we encouraged students to think independently, collaboratively, critically, and creatively in ways that moved beyond standardized testing into a learner map.

The Future Schools Project is a network of changemakers building and testing creative solutions for the future of education. We’re designing new public policy, accelerating educator capacity, and exploring new ideas for learning through stakeholder engagement.

Supporting 100 New Elected Leaders by 2020

What if we had elected leaders who championed authentic collaboration and worked to build a unified vision among diverging opinions. What if our leaders understood collective impact, community engagement, and how to deploy strategies that cut to the root of issues.

The 2020 federal, state and local elections are right around the corner and now is the time to start investing in this new wave of community, business and civic leaders who are already doing great work on the ground by developing their capacity as a potential elected leader.

Ambitious Leaders is on a mission to elect 100 new leaders to federal, state and local seats by 2020. We are not just electing new leaders, we are also expanding the capacity of current leaders who have already demonstrated authentic collaboration to solve problems and build the future of America.

This work doesn’t begin or end on election day, it is a continuous process of learning and revising. This new generation of leaders will be supported with vision casting, policy advisement, and action planning.

Launching Summer 2019. 

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