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Ten Atlanta Community Nonprofits Awarded $255,000 through Ambitious Ideas Challenge

Organizations are redesigning education, advancing economic opportunity and engaging thousands of residents across metro Atlanta. 

ATLANTA, Georgia—ambitiousX and the Walton Family Foundation today announced the second round of grantees for the Ambitious Ideas Challenge, an initiative which provides grants to local nonprofit organizations to drive community transformation. Three organizations received a combined $125,000 in the first round and seven second round organizations will receive a combined $130,000 for their efforts to redesign education, advance economic opportunity and engage thousands of residents across metro Atlanta. Grantees include:

  • Goodie Nation, for efforts to address the school-to-prison pipeline, including engaging 200 community members in an introductory workshop to the issue and hosting an innovation weekend through which twenty teams produce digital movement campaigns to bring awareness to specific parts of the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • N3XTCON, partnering with local startup, Blossom Network, to produce a three-part series to educate its audience (women of color) about the educational opportunities in Atlanta.
  • TeachX, to host professional development workshops for 50 teachers from Benjamin E. Mays and multiple Carver high schools. Programming will help teachers design and implement innovative classroom units that engage community experts and bring real-world learning experiences into the classroom.
  • Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization, to help 200 long-term renters make the step to home ownership through five housing workshops led in partnership with Atlanta-Fulton County Libraries.
  • Fulton Atlanta Community Action Authority, to launch a new community advocacy coalition of 200 Atlanta senior citizens seeking to engage on community and education-related issues.
  • Center for Social Work, Clark Atlanta University, to conduct a comprehensive study on the effects of social work in turnaround schools and host two workshops to discuss findings with 200 community members.
  • Paradise Community Development Corporation, to inspire healthy community living in South Atlanta by engaging 350 residents in workshops, trainings and meals with fitness instructors and chefs.
  • Fathers Incorporatedto empower fathers to become more engaged in their children’s personal development and connecting local barbershops to schools.
  • Next Generation Men & Women, to engage corporate and community partners and Atlanta education leaders in conversations around local education.
  • Playworks Education Energized, to scale its Junior Coach Leadership Program in Atlanta Public Schools.

“We are thrilled to support these Atlanta nonprofits to serve as change agents for community transformation,” said C. Wesley Daniel, founder of ambitiousX. “Atlanta is a community rich with talent, culture and neighborhood ties. When we support each other with strong education, economic and housing opportunities, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Second-round Ambitious Ideas Challenge grantee TeachX is building a mobile app to streamline partnerships with teachers and professionals—bringing subject-matter experts into classrooms and exposing students to meaningful and relevant real-world learning experiences. In addition to creating the connecting technology, TeachX is also cultivating a community of local professionals who will use the app to bring diverse experiences into the classrooms of nearby teachers.

“Before winning the Ambitious Ideas Challenge, TeachX was just a technology,” said Monique Nunally, founder of Teach X. “This funding has allowed TeachX to begin building our ecosystem, to begin forging community relationships that will build the practice of teachers, especially in high-need communities. This fall we hope to serve about 2,000 students through classroom units created by TeachX teachers and supported by the TeachX community.”

“Those closest to a challenge are often closest to the solution, and that’s why the Walton Family Foundation is thrilled to learn from ambitiousX and the Ambitious Ideas Challenge grantees,” said Lori Armistead, senior program officer at the Walton Family Foundation. “We are excited for the Atlanta community to lead the way in opening access and opportunity.”


About ambitiousX

ambitiousX is a social innovation studio accelerating bold ideas that transform communities through redesigning education, advancing economic opportunity and building the next generation of leaders.


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